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London sarcoma service

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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When patients are receiving treatment for their cancer, a good ward environment is essential to make the best of what can be a difficult experience. At both UCH and RNOH, we look after sarcoma patients of all ages. At UCH we have a paediatric oncology ward (ward T11) for children up to 12 years, an eighteen-bed Teenage Cancer Trust Unit (ward T12) for 13-19 year olds, and two oncology wards (T14 and T16) for adult patients. Private and overseas patients are treated on the private patient unit Harley Street at UCH (ward T15), which includes a dedicated Young Person's Unit. At RNOH there are both paediatric and adult surgical wards.

Out-patient chemotherapy is given at UCH in paediatric, adolescent, and adult Day Care Units. In a unique innovation at UCH, some in-patient infusional chemotherapy has been transferred from the ward to the Ambulatory Care Unit, by delivering the intravenous fluid part of the regimens in large fluid bags carried by the patient in a back-pack. This allows patients to be able to leave the hospital during treatments which would otherwise mean staying on the ward with a drip for several days. Patients receive chemotherapy in the day on the Ambulatory Care Unit, and stay at night in a local hotel.

In April 2012, out-patient services moved to the new pupose built The Macmillan Cancer Centre.