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London sarcoma service

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust

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what to expect


when treatment has finished - rehabilitation

After surgery, many patients need rehabilitation. Straight after surgery, this will mean seeing the physiotherapist and occupational therapist. If you have had an amputation then you will be referred to the limb fitting service so that a prosthetic limb can be made for you. Some patients may need more help, and so sometimes they will spend some time on the rehabilitation ward at RNOH having more intensive rehabilitation.

The team of therapists at RNOH specialise in the rehabilitation of patients who have orthopaedic surgery following their diagnosis of sarcoma. The team is divided into three sub-specialities of therapists with expertise in the treatment of:

  • Paediatric and adolescent patients
  • Adult patients diagnosed with sarcoma
  • Patients who have undergone amputation surgery

Whether you have day surgery or experience a longer stay at RNOH the chances are you will meet one of our team.

We offer a post-operative service during your stay to ensure you achieve your expected goals for discharge and maximise your function. There are a large number of different operations that can be performed for sarcoma patients and information sheets have been produced to give an idea of what to expect after each different operation.

Upon discharge if outpatient care is required you may be referred to your local community or outpatient service. If you live close to RNOH or wish to travel you may opt to receive outpatient physiotherapy from the sarcoma team at RNOH. If you have had an amputation then you be referred to an appropriate limb fitting service so that if appropriate a prosthetic limb can be made for you and physiotherapy continued.

Once your acute episode of care is complete you may feel you need more therapy input in order to return to a higher level of function. In this case you could be offered the opportunity for an inpatient stay working with the rehabilitation team. Prior to your admission we discuss your goals and then prepare a programme to assist you in achieving these, this may include a land based programme, hydrotherapy or sessions in ASPIRE training centre.

If you have any questions regarding rehabilitation or your level of function after surgery please contact us:

  • Jennifer Fulton Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist in amputee rehabilitation 0208 909 5580
  • Tracy Roskrow Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist in rehabilitation of paediatrics and young adults 0208 909 5820
  • Suzy Hudson/Ruth Carr Adult Sarcoma Physiotherapy Services 0208 909 5830
  • Katy Stein Occupational Therapist for Sarcoma Services 0208 909 5830